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Multi-Instrumental Solo Artist

Behind The Sound

Using a technique known as live looping, I essentially build my songs one instrument at a time by playing and recording each part, then "looping" them back, allowing me to then overdub the next instrument and vocal parts as I perform and "build" the song.


Using my custom built stage setup, the end result is a full band sound, complete with lead and harmony vocals, lead guitar and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, harmonica, and horns all performed by one man, and done completely live.

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Behind The Passion

Getting To Know Gordo

Who was your earliest influence?

My Uncle Dave.

Being one of the few guitar players in my family, he saw potential in me when I got my first acoustic guitar at age 9. He became my mentor, teaching me basic chords and jamming with me every chance we got.

Jason with Uncle Dave

He bought me my first P.A. system and gave me numerous guitars throughout the years. We had a unique and extremely strong bond. Sadly, my Uncle Dave passed away in 2016.

I credit my Uncle Dave for my music success, but he would always say, in a tone of selflessness that few possess “I just gave him the tools he needed for the job.”

Honorable Mention: Willie Nelson.


When I was two, I saw him perform on TV and wanted a “tigar.” While I don’t remember back that far, my family tells me I was so obsessed with the toy guitar they gave me (when they finally figured out what “tigar” was) that they would have to take it away from me so I would do other things like eat, sleep and breathe!

What was your first official gig?

While still a teenager, I was hired to perform with Debbie Knight, a local country singer. That gig lasted for a couple of years.

Did you ever play in a band?

Yes, my first band, Sneaky Pete, was with my brother Jerrod and a couple of our friends, Kevin and Jeff. We began performing in the downtown Alton, IL area in the late 90s, and became a popular house band at one of the local venues.

Sneaky Pete performing



I was later approached by and joined another popular local band called Stubblefield and played with them for another couple of years.


Years later, I started another band called Krazy Akres. We performed at numerous venues around the Midwest and even did a couple short tours in Arizona during Arizona Bike Week.  



Do you currently play in a band?


Yes! While I do perform primarily as a solo act, I also offer multiple different shows including my current three-piece band, "The Jason Gordon Trio", as well as a full, 8 piece band complete with a horn section and backup singers. 

Who are some of your favorite musicians/bands?

Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead, Tony Rice, Michael Jackson, Ricky Skaggs, Chris Thile, Bob Marley, Tommy Emmanuel, Jimi Hendrix, Phish, plus too many more to name!

What are some personal facts about you?

~ I was born on November 20, 1978 in Alton, Illinois about 20 miles from St. Louis, MO

~ I’m the oldest of four children

~ I have one adult son named Christian

~ I have an awesome canine pal named Kaya Dog

~ I’m happily engaged to Colleen

Have you always worked in the music industry?

Mostly, with the exception of a few non-music related jobs. When I was a teenager, my first job was a dishwasher at a local golf club restaurant. And later while raising my son in rural Arkansas, I was a mail carrier.


Even when I wasn’t working in the music industry, I still practiced my music as often as possible.

You’re known as a One Man, 10-Piece Band – what 10 pieces do you perform?

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar






Lead Vocals

Harmony Vocals

What inspired you to become a multi-instrumental solo artist?

Growing up, we had numerous instruments at home, and I was interested in learning each instrument’s part of the songs I enjoyed playing.


Since I didn’t have access to a multi-track recorder, I began “building” songs using two separate boom box radios with blank tape cassettes. I would record the guitar part on one tape, then play it back while recording the bass on the other tape. I would go back and forth like this, recording each layer until I recreated the entire song by myself!


As a young teen, I was always striving to start bands but was often frustrated to find that when everyone else wanted to stop, I wanted to keep on practicing and jamming. This always brought me back to learning all the instruments and vocals and building the songs myself.


I often joke with my fans that I’ve been playing with myself for so long, I’m finally starting to get paid for it!

When did you discover live looping?

A musician friend got a guitar foot pedal made by DigiTech that had a loop function that could record audio and play it back instantly. I played with the pedal for a couple of minutes and it clicked for me. I instantly knew I could build an entire show with this device.

Later that year, I got the same pedal  for Christmas and went to work figuring out clever ways to build entire songs on it. It wasn’t long before I was performing my newfound “One Man Band” act and people were amazed.

Gordo's first looping pedal
How did you turn live looping into a career?

Once my son was old enough, I started performing weekly at Harlow’s, a small bar in Springfield, Missouri. This experience opened doors to other places in the area, and in no time, I was once again playing music full time.


My “One Man Show” quickly gained popularity throughout the Midwest and as a result, I found myself opening for numerous national acts including The Byrds, Poco, Bad Co., Lou Gramm, Carmin and Vinnie Appice, among others.


I now travel all over the country and perform in an almost constant state of touring. While I typically spend the winter months in the Phoenix area, I’m always on the road looking for the next opportunity to play.

Gordo and his dog on tour
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