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Gordo - 1 Man, 10 Piece Band

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Gordo performing at Whisky A Go Go
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Jason "Gordo" Gordon does an absolutely amazing, MUST SEE, solo live looping show. Whether you’re familiar with looping or not, it is guaranteed, his show is unlike any other.


Gordo has reinvented the art of the “One Man Band”, and truly brings live looping to a whole new level. He plays, records (on the fly), and loops every instrument completely live (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, horns, harmonica, lead and harmony vocals).


Again, this is a live, interactive show. Nothing is pre-recorded! He really is a modern day “One Man Band”. His show includes a wide range of genres that cater to any crowd. He does everything from mellow acoustic music to Classic Rock, to Reggae, to Motown, to Bluegrass, to Blues, & Originals. Gordo tours and performs all over the United States.


"Very entertaining! He "represents" live music and can definitely be a one-man show. There are very few people that can do that. Way to go, Gordo! Can't wait to make it back to AZ to see you again!!!"

—  Jody S. (Wisconsin)

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